We train students to think and work like data scientists so they can make meaningful contributions to data science projects. Our Training Program is a semester-long course that helps students develop an overarching understanding of data science, and our Deep Dives are shorter workshops that introduce students to the latest technologies that are shaping the world of data science.

Life After Jupyter Notebooks

This class aims to teach students how to take projects and turn them into products. We’ll cover tools such as Docker, AWS, MLFlow but also overarching concepts such as MLOps, Active Learning, Production environments. By the end of this course, students should be able to take what was once a side project and turn it into a product that can be interacted with.

Data Talks

Each semester we invite industry professionals to come talk about their experience and advice. Open to anyone, students also get a chance to ask questions and learn what working in industry is like. In the past, we've hosted people from Meta, Amazon, MunichRE, and Hilton among others.