We train students to think and work like data scientists so they can make meaningful contributions to data science projects. Our Training Program is a semester-long course that helps students develop an overarching understanding of data science, and our Deep Dives are shorter workshops that introduce students to the latest technologies that are shaping the world of data science.

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Training program
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Big Data is growing, and by taking this program you'll gain hands-on experience in data analysis and prediction. Whether you're in finance, health care, business, agriculture, or software development, having data science skills is extremely helpful. Join the training program, and learn how to build your first ML model from real-world datasets!

Visit our course website here.

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Deep Dive: Parallel Processing

Parallel processing is an essential part of every data scientist's toolkit. Our Deep Dive teaches students how to harness the power of their laptops' multicore processors and exponentially improve their productivity with large data.

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Deep Dive: Deep Learning

Deep Learning is at the forefront of current AI research, and our Deep Dive is a unique opportunity to get exposure to content typically unavailable to undergraduates at Cornell. Each part of our series consists of a lecture portion where students learn about deep learning theory theory, and a coding portion where students can code their own image and text classifiers.


Watch videos of our Deep Dives on our YouTube channel here.