Who we are

Cornell Data Science (CDS) is an undergraduate project team which researches and applies state-of-the-art data science approaches to the world around us. Our applied arm tackles challenges like the application of deep learning to DNA analysis, while our exploratory arm learns and implements cutting-edge advancements in fields like reinforcement learning and Spark optimization. Our interest is in building a data science community that can harness data to set intelligence free.



We offer a variety of projects to work on. From parallel computing to neural networks, there is probably someone in CDS working on it. We practice what we teach - real techniques with real data.



We train students to think and act like data scientists - we want more people to understand data analysis and machine learning at a deeper level.



We connect industry and passionate students together through our focus on data science. Come to our networking events, company talks, and mentoring sessions to learn more about what a career in data science is like.


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