Team Overview

Cornell Data Science is more than just a project team -- we also teach courses, lead educational initiatives, and invest in the exploration of new frontiers.  For this reason, we have an executive board which manages our general operations and several subteams which lead our technical direction.


Executive Board

Our focus is on building a strong and diverse data science community for undergraduates.  We work closely with university administration, professors, and companies to prepare students for the information age.


Deep Learning Subteam

Our focus is on the exploration and application of deep learning.  Our members have worked on a variety of projects, ranging from image recognition systems on the ocean to teaching computers how to write with good style.  One of our more ambitious goals is to use deep neural networks on DNA sequences to forecast the most productive crops to grow, one small step on the road to reducing world hunger.


Data Engineering Subteam

Our focus is on the exploration and application of data engineering.  Our members have worked on projects ranging from the creation of CDS' own compute server cluster to the efficient storage of data.  One of our more futuristic goals is to optimize the processing of astronomical data, so that we automate event detection and object classification across the galaxies.  


Data Visualization Subteam

Our focus is on using data to tell stories.  We are a new subteam, born out of the necessity that high-dimensional machine learning creates a fog that needs to be lifted.