Insights Subteam

Team Leads: Linnea May (CS '21) and Max Chen (CS '21)
Advisor: Prof. Jeff Rzeszotarski

About Us

The Insighs team is composed of data scientists and designers dedicated to the these main goals:

  • Gaining insights from complex data using a variety of data science methods, from Natural Language Processing to Deep Learning, with a focus on improving model interpretability.

  • Creating visual interfaces that display the knowledge to both technical and non-technical audiences, and researching the best ways of doing so.

Current Projects

Fake News Challenge

Analyzing and visualizing methods to identify fake news.

Members: Danny Yang, Linnea May, Eric Sun, Kathy JaYoung Byun

Spotify Recommendations

Creating a new, more intuititve interface for recommending songs on Spotify.

Members: Brandon Truong, James Chen, Max Chen, Shalin Mehta

Knowledge Graphs

Compiling and visualizing a knowledge graph of academic articles.

Members: Ziwei Gu, Jenny Chen, Kevin Ngo, Tushar Khan

Comment Toxicity

Identifying and visualizing the presence of toxic comments online.

Members: Deb Bhattacharya, Nikhil Saggi, Ruchika Dongre

Past Projects

Neural Networks

Fall 2018

Building a tool to visualize the training progress of advanced neural networks architecture.

Members: Linnea May, Jenny Chen


Fall 2018

Visualizing the hierarchial structure of knowledge using Wikipedia articles.

Members: Nikhil Saggi, Xinqi Lyu, Ziwei Gu, Eric Sun, Deb Bhattacharya, Ellen Chen

Social Tribes

Spring 2018

Analyzing the cluster of political journalists in Twitter through different unsupervised learning algorithms. Our final project is available here.
Members: Danny Yang, Max Chen, Shalin Mehta, Sam Kitterman, Kevin Ngo