CDS Deep Dive Workshops



Deep Learning

Ryan Butler (rjb392)

Yuji Akimoto (ya242)

Parallel Processing

Dae Won Kim (dk444)

Nolan Gray (nsg58)


Deep Learning

Join Cornell Data Science in our brand-new series on Deep Learning, the powerful algorithms behind everything from Tesla's self-driving cars to Google's AlphaGo. Deep Learning is the forefront of current AI research, and this is a unique opportunity to get exposure to content typically unavailable to undergraduates at Cornell.

Date Lecture Slides Recording Relevant Links
3/19 Part I of IV: Linear Classifiers for Image Classification Lecture I Video Lecture I Files
3/22 Part II of IV: Fully Connected Neural Networks Lecture II Video Lecture II Files
3/26 Part III of IV: Convolutional Neural Networks Lecture III Video Lecture III Files
3/29 Part IV of IV: Recurrent Neural Networks Lecture IV Video Lecture IV Files

Parallel Processing 

Earlier this semester, we introduced students to parallel processing, an essential part of every data scientist's toolkit. Students learned how to harness the power of their laptop's multicore processor and exponentially improve their productivity with large data. 

Date Lecture Recording Relevant Links
9/22 Part I of III: Introduction to Linux and Parallel Computing Lecture I Video Linux Installation Guide
9/24 Part II of III: Theory of Spark and Hadoop Lecture II Video Lecture 2 Files
9/29 Part III of III: Spark Syntax Lecture III Video Lecture 3 Files